Friday, June 16, 2006

Wow, a premonition

This post sums up my recent marketing meeting / review to a T!

I was told that I need to stop writing anything personal or conversational.  Everything needs to not say "we" or "I" but use the company name.  Yeah, that's good, because with a product that people don't want...we need to eliminate the personal relationship aspect of the business.

Stop asking our clients and employees what they want and why this is important.

Stop writing drafts of things that go out.  Write one, check the spelling and send it.

Trying to figure out a corporate message?  That's out too. 

Flood the prospects with information about us and what we do. 

The concept of lead generation and offering valuable information...lost on them.

So, it's back to the jobsearch market.  I am polishing my resume and putting some things together.  Will be putting up a squidoo site with links to some samples and fleshing out resume information.

All I want is something that I can believe in...have passion about...grow that so much to ask???


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