Thursday, June 01, 2006

If You Only Read!

There are days when I wish that people read this blog.

Sure, some of what I dump here is for "when word gets out and I overtake Scoble in readership...then people can look back!"  (Hey, power of a positive attitude, right?)

Anyway, I know I've been bitching a lot lately about my current situation...sorry.  But, as someone who's trying to find his place in the world of marketing..when it doesn't go well it's frustrating.

I had a meeting the other day with the owners of the company in which I had my ass handed to me.  They said that they don't have a good feeling about what I'm doing.  Looking back, I truly can't believe some of the things they said, what do you think?

"The asking our customers what their worries are and asking people around here about their opinions has to stop.  That's all theory and it's a waste of time."

"Don't spend so much time re-writing a letter.  Just write it professionally and send it out.  Shouldn't take any more than two hours."

"Marketing is getting a sale in the door."

"We don't need an opinion.  Just tell people the facts."

And on...and on.

It's frustrating to watch a company with a good reputation and hard-working employees shoot themselves in the foot so bad.  In an industry where many of the services we perform are dictated by everyone does them the same way, opinion is ALL we have to differentiate ourselves.

Anyway, enough of my whining.  It's time to look for something I can get behind.


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