Monday, May 22, 2006

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Ever since I read this post by Tom Asacker, I've been thinking about the roles of sales and marketing.

I've been rolling around in my head the roles of each and how they can work together.  I think that a bit of the problem can be seen in Tom's post.  Too often, marketers and sales people see each other as...well, not the enemy, but pretty close.  One blames the other and then everyone loses. 

The reality is, neither would be worth much without the other. 

If it was left to marketing...everyone would have lots of information, but few would buy.  If it were left only to sales...people would probably buy things they don't know much about.

In my organization, I'm the marketer and the salesman.  Now, I don't necessarily recommend this either, but I think that these two key business functions need to see each other as allies and work together to achieve the goals of both.  It's up to marketers to identify and forward qualified leads and up to sales to take into account the work that was necessary to get those leads and act accordingly.

I think that the successful organizations going forward are the ones that are able to bridge the gap between sales and marketing.


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