Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Some People Just Don't Get It

As in, the traditional media.

I'm sure by now you've seen the AT&T billboards with the slogan "Blogging Delivered."

That's right...a BILLBOARD.

Now Geico has ads with a guy saying how great the Internet is, how much he loves blogging, how much he blogs and thinks he blogs too much.

I went to their websites and couldn't find a blog on either of them. It seems that blogs are quickly becoming the "in thing" to talk about instead of do. These corporations don't seem to understand WHY blogs are so popular. They don't understand the importance of a human voice. They just know that, "Hey, everybody is talking about blogs. How can we use that...but I don't want to actually have a blog."

It just doesn't make sense. For both industries even I can think of topics they could blog on. Saving money on insurance...technology emerging in the telecommunications market.

Or, just say, "Blogs are cool." on an advertisement. Yeah, I'm sure that'll work.


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