Thursday, April 20, 2006

Put on Our Thinking Caps!

"With imagination, almost any product or service, from a company of any size, can become a star in even the toughest, most competitive corners of the global marketplace." -Tom Peters

My problem is figuring out how!

I understand the philosophy, but when you're in an industry that sells a service that people basically need but don't want, how do you do this?

In case you're interested (and judging by my're not!) I work for a small company that provides consulting services in environmental health and safety. Asbestos inspections, mold testing, industrial hygiene, etc. All very exciting stuff. It's something that people are told they should worry about, but don't really want to focus on .

Add to that the fact that the chances of someone being inspected and cited are so slim unless something happens and people just don't seem to care.

So, how do I make this a star? That's what I'm struggling with right now. How to make a service that is valuable but not desired something people want to hear about and care about.

But, the concept Tom explains is very true. I just need to figure out how!


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