Friday, March 17, 2006

It's What/Who You Know

"Know more about your client (or co-worker) than the next person and you've got a leg up." -Tom Peters

Everyone wants other people to care about them. You and I are no different.

We want to feel important, valued and special. Deep down we are all focused on ourselves. We try to focus on other people, and often we succeed, but internally, we are concerned about ourselves.

That's human nature.

But, how does this apply? Well, if a potential client perceives that you know more about them than your competitor, they will feel valued/special/important when they deal with you. Then, naturally they will gravitate toward you. They will want to work with someone who makes them feel valued, makes them feel important and shows that they care.

What can you learn about your clients and potential clients today that will make them feel more valued tomorrow?


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