Thursday, February 02, 2006


"You can't make people listen. But you can figure out who's listening when you talk and then invent the right combination of "Ps" to overwhelm them with the rightness of your offer." -Seth Godin

So much effort is spent trying to MAKE people listen to what you have to say. I think it comes from the old sales strategy of throwing enough spaghetti at the wall and some will stick.

The problem with that thought is that eventually, all the spaghetti will fall off the wall. What you want is to throw only the spaghetti that has glue on it. If you're talking to the right people-the ones who will listen-you will develop a relationship, not just a transaction. Those people will then help you "put the glue on more spaghetti" by talking to their colleagues.

I struggle with this in my job as a marketing coordinator. I'm finally getting the "powers that be" to look away from the "market to everyone" thought. They are finally getting on board with talking to a targeted group. The problem is trying to get them to identify exactly what those people look like. And to get them to stop trying to be "everything to everyone."

One step at a time I guess.

What say you?


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