Friday, February 03, 2006

But I Don't Feel Like It

"People won't change until the pain of doing nothing becomes greater than the pain of changing...It's the same with perceived benefit. It has to be greater than the comfort of the status quo." - Tom Asacker

What makes people change anything?

Not just what products they use, but even the channel on the TV? They know that they may be missing something that they perceive as more valuable than the channel they are on.

It's the same with marketing. Unless your offering is so compelling that they perceive it as being more valuable than what they're doing (and not just a little more valuable) they'll stick with what they have.

I'm dealing with this right now. Many of our prospects are working with a competitor that is not providing them with the service they need. But, the service is a lesser part of their business (in their mind) and they don't want to deal with changing providers, so they just settle for lower levels of service.

So, we're struggling with making what we do more compelling (I want to get to remarkable, but that's a different story).

That's how you stand out. By doing things that people can't (in their mind) live without.

What say you?


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