Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Biggest Sale Ever

It's frustrating when the biggest sale I have to make about a marketing idea is to the people IN the company instead of outside.

Why wouldn't a company's owners WANT to develop a consistent voice or opinion about the topics which are the company's main focus? Why you ask? Because it's too much THEORY and they don't think anything will come out of it.

Everything will come out of it!

How can we interact with people when we don't have a voice?

The concept they push that is old and tired is of "ok, send a letter, or an email." They don't choose, "Ok, what can we teach, or talk about? Then let's figure out the best delivery methods."

It's backwards, and being a low man on the totem pole and young and in a small company, it's like swimming up stream.

If you have any great ideas for me, let me know!


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