Friday, January 20, 2006

Your Best (read ONLY) Chance

As the guru Seth Godin says:

"The only chance you have is to sell to people who like change, who like new stuff, who are actually looking for what you sell."

Why do we waste so much time trying to get EVERYONE to buy what we're selling?

Why don't we get to truly know our prospects, and match our services/products with those people who can truly benefit?

Because...if EVERYONE buys, that's more money for us. Right?


The premise is correct, but what are the chances of EVERYONE buying? Slim to none...and none just walked out the door.

In reality, our best chance is to get to know the ideal prospect: their wants, desires, needs, feelings, emotions and what's important to them. Then we develop a remarkable product/service that matches what they needs while exceeding their expectations.

What say you?


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